Quartz Crystal Geometric Shape Gift Set


This unique set of clear quartz crystals are all carved into seven different geometric shapes.
Quartz is known as the universal crystal as it covers all chakras, works as an amplifyer, and provides power, clarity and strength.

Each crystal size varies but they measure approximately 15mm (1.5cm) each.

The first five shapes are the ones used in the study of sacred geometry. Each of these three dimensional shapes has emits its own frequency and is associated with one of the five elements and is associated with a chakra energy centre. This beautiful set includes two other shapes which are known for their use in healing and universal energy work. These are the sphere and the merkabah.

Work with each shape during meditation, personal healing or holistic treatments. Each shape works with the body and the chakras in the following ways:

Cube - Earth Element Base Chakra Some Uses: Grounding your energies, Focus, Calm, Removal of physical tension and stress.

Icosahedron - Water Element Sacral Chakra Some Uses: Fluidity and maintaining movement, Emotional understanding, Creativity.

Tetrahedron - Fire Element Solar Plexus Chakra Some Uses: Physical and Spiritual balance, Meditation, Mindfullness, Acceptence of self and Personal Power, all types of Energy work.

Octahedron - Air Element Heart Chakra Love, Understanding, Compassion, Self-Reflection, Spirituality.

Dodecahedron - Storm Element Third Eye Crown Chakra Connections with the Divine, Higher Awareness, Raise our physical vibrations to connect with oneness and universal energy, Kundalini stimulator.

Two additional shapes:

Sphere - Spheres are known for many attributes including the following: Unity of self, Creativity, Knowing no boundaries, Connection with Mother Earth and nature, Perfection, Harmony, Scrying / Divination.

Merkabah / Merkaba - The shape known as a Merkaba is said to provide ascension into other realms and life planes, to connect with all that is and all that was. It is a unity of light, spirit and body said to enable true enlightenment and is historically mentioned across many cultures. Teachings of the Mer-Ka-Ba by Drunvalo Melchizedek have resonated with many people. He teaches that we all have an inner merkaba , like an interdimensional vehicle of light which can be activated through meditation and practice to connect us with our Higer Self, promoting clear energy flow through our non-physical energy systems for optimal health both spiritually and physically.

This set is the perfect gift and comes complete with a wooden, varnished box with hinges and clasp, to safely and elegantly store your crystals. The box measures 25cm x 3cm x 4cm.