De-stress Magnet Gift Pack


This gift box is the perfect way to help yourself or a friend or loved one become calmer and more serene with the power of crystals.

This beautiful set contains a large yellow hematoid quartz palm stone. Hematoid Quartz combines the amplification qualities of quartz with the stability and balance of hematite. It is said to bring focus, concentration, calmness and a feeling of balance - it's particularly helpful for students and anyone who is studying or taking exams. These are golden healer crystals that are said to raise your energy vibration and are used during meditation to help to connect with source energy. Yellow hematoid is the perfect stress-relieving stone. It is good to carry with you if you are experiencing feelings of being "all over the place", scattered or anxious. It also enhances clarity of thought and helps to keep feelings of stress at bay. This is a crystal that is also useful in grids addressing legal disputes or issues where a resolution is needed. When placed beneath your pillow at night, it helps aid deep and restful sleep.

Also included within this set, are two small tangerine singing quartz points. Their natural orange colour comes from the inclusions or encrustations of iron oxide and this crystall is said to open, cleanse and balance the sacral chakra. This is the second energy centre in the body, the chakra that helps to activate the flow of your creativity and encourage you to release your beliefs that you are not worthy to have all that you desire and aspire for.

This beautiful kit contains:
- Cardboard gift box with ribbon & golden coloured key charm
- Yellow hematoid quartz palm stone
- Small tangerine quartz points x 2
- Scented tealight candle
- Affirmation cards x 2
- Velveeten pouch to store the crystals
- Information leaflet explaining how the crystals work

Each crystal is carefully, hand chosen by Natalia to ensure that only the very best quality and genuine crystals are contained within each kit.