Hand-Painted Wooden Angel Gift Pack


This beautiful gift pack contains one little wooden angel, a slice of fluorite and a unique affirmation card.

Each angel originates from Bali and is hand carved by local aritsans. I have created a beautiful design to represent the guardian angels and two of the most powerful archangels and I lovingly hand paint each angel specially to order.

The angels come in a selection of different types:
- Guardian Angel (pink)
- Guardian Angel (lilac)
- Archangel Raphael (green)
- Archangel Michael (blue)

Each angel arrives in it's own, special gift box and is accompanied by a beautiful, hand-chosen slice of fluorite. Fluorite is a gemstone whose name is derived from the Latin word 'fluo' which means 'flow'. It is one of the world's most sought-after crystals for it's soft beauty and lumiosity. I chose these fluorite slices for the angel to stand upon because this crystal is the gemstone of peace and protection. It helps to purify the body, to bring calmness and relaxation and to relieve tension and anxiety. It's also wonderful for helping you to rid old patterns, to increase your intution and promote spiritual development.

The finishing touch to this unique set is an affirmation card accented with gold foil. The guardian angels are accompanied by a white gift card, the archangels have a purple gift card.
This is the perfect gift for yourself or a friend or loved-one, if you or they like angels and wish to have this as a beautiful symbol of hope, strength, love and light. The affirmation card carries the following message:
"I forgive & release the past
my future is bright & joyful
I love myself & I attract only loving people into my world
I deserve & receive abundance
and so it is."

You also have the option of adding a signed copy of either of my books: The Little Book of Love or The Complete Angel Wisdom Workshop, to your gift pack order. Just choose the angel you'd from the drop-down menu. If you choose the book pack option let me know in the comments section which type of angel you'd like.

Important information:
Each angel is made to order so please allow 3 - 5 working days for your angel to be specially painted and prepared for you. The angels are hand carved and hand painted by me, so no two are exactly alike. Shapes and colours may vary slightly. The angels are approximately 9cm x 6m. The fluorite slice that accompanies your angel is carefully chosen by me for it's high quality and the colours that match best with your angel. Fluorite slices vary in size, shape and colour from those shown in the pictures. You can rest assured that the piece you receive will be beautiful. Each slice measures approximately 5cm x 3cm minimum.


  • Guardian Angel (pink)
  • Guardian Angel (lilac)
  • Archangel Raphael (green)
  • Archangel Michael (blue)
  • Angel Gift Box + The Little Book of Love & Light
  • Angel Gift Box + The Complete Angel Wisdom Workshop Book