Love Magnet Gift Pack


The perfect little box of goodness to help you fall in love with yourself and attract romance and unconditional love into your life. This is also a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one who wishes to attract more love into their life.
True love begins with loving oneself, that's why this fabulous kit includes a beautiful rose quartz palm stone. This can be used to hold during meditation, to pop into a bag or pocket or place it under your pillow at night to encourage loving thoughts and to help cleanse, clear and opent the heart chakra - the energy centre in the body where we experience unconditional love.

The second important gemstone crystal within this gift set is a piece of unakite. It is also known as the soulmate stone because it is said to unite two hearts. Unakite is not just a stone for attracting love, it also helps to keep relationships healthy by balancing the emotions. It's an excellent stone for healing and nurturing the physical and emotional bodies is also a great talisman for helping to cutting down on or release bad habits.

The third crystal is tangerine singing quartz. Its natural orange colour comes from the inclusions or encrustations of iron oxide and it's said to open, cleanse and balance the sacral chakra. This is the second energy centre in the body where we experience intimacy in a one-to-one relationship. It helps to activate the flow of your creativity and encourage you to release your beliefs that you are not worthy to have all that you desire and aspire for.
This beautiful kit contains:
- Cardboard gift box with ribbon & golden coloured key charm
- Rose quartz palm stone
- Unakite polished tumble stone
- Small tangerine quartz points x 2
- Scented tealight candle
- Affirmation cards x 2
- Velveteen pouch to store the crystals
- Information leaflet explaining how the crystals work

Each crystal is carefully, hand chosen by Natalia to ensure that only the very best quality and genuine crystals are contained within each kit.